Young wine estate & ancient soils

Our heritage is a small wine estate with many steep sites.

Frickenhausen and Thüngersheim

Our wine estate has a very special history: it was formed in 1976, when two enthusiastic wine-growers, Carmen Bickel and Reimund Stumpf, met and decided to share their lot – personally and professionally. Thus, two outstanding Franconian terroirs were united and the foundation for our family’s estate was laid – along the Main River. Today, we live and work in two different places.

  • "Mama’s terroir" in Frickenhausen was "made by Main" more than two million years ago and yields creamy wines.

  • The Valentinus Kapelle (chapel) from 1699 is the namesake and landmark of the best sites in Frickenhausen.

  • "Papa’s vineyards" in Thüngersheim tell a straight story with a mineral plot.

  • The heart of Thüngersheim’s site Johannisberg is reflected in expressive, tight Silvaners that get right to the point.

  • Last but not least: the the fauna that inhabit the vineyards do their share to help keep our sites in top shape.

Matthias and Melanie

After many apprenticeshops of varying length in Germany and abroad, the Stumpf children have taken the helm at the wine estate. Under their leadership, in the best sense of Franconian viticulture, the estate is producing exciting, down-to-earth, consistent Silvaners. And does so with handcrafted work and a great deal of respect for nature and the achievements of their ancestors.

  • "Matze" (Matthias) stamps the style of our wines: lots of understatement, subtle forward fruit, and a great deal of tension.

  • "Melie" (Melanie) returned to the estate in 2012. Why? To make wines that excite us and others.

Past and future

In 1971, Reimund Stumpf climbed into his black VW beetle and drove from Thüngersheim to Frickenhausen for the first time to visit his new girlfriend, Carmen Bickel. In 1976, he married her. Since then, they have successfully built a wine estate upon shell-limestone and colored sandstone soils.

  • In the meantime, the family’s venture – creating one wine estate based in two locations – has proved to be a complete success.



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